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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Malaysia Cup 2010 Quarter Final - Selangor vs Kelantan


For the first time, I as Kedahan go support for Kelantan Team. Hehehehe.. It's had a strange feelings when supporting different team. For that reason it's happened because of my friend asked me to accompany him to that match. My friend was Mat Yie (Mohd Shukri) that buying me all the way to the match including food and fuel. Thanks bro, I appreciate that.=)

Writer (Hahahahaha..)

Mat Yie

The environment at stadium with Kelantan Fans

Good with the introduction, so this is the major story that I want to tell your guys. I want to tell about the whole story that I've experienced at the Stadium Shah Alam, Selangor. This is the one of the pictures that I will show later. Credit to the Kelantan Fans because of their spirit and encouragement in the soul, this is why?? Because Kelantanese is the most outstanding people that are truly love their football and give full support to their dream team. I really enjoy the environment although the place was crowded with the Kijang's fans. I try to absorbed the environment with the energy I have. It's take a long times to get on the top. Hahahaha.. Those pictures was taken with my DSLR Nokia N80. Gosh!!! I wish I can have it when I was in the stadium. Hahahahahahaha... So enjoy it guys.

The crowd

Before the stadium is full

'Let's go kick some ass guys'

'Get ready guys'

Nearly full the side

The game began

The sounds, noised, blown (firecracker) and yelled has made the game more passionate. That shows how the full energy support from both teams and from the energetic behavior, certain fans has made a mistake. You know why? Because of their foolish (sorry to mention this word) behavior they have made a riot. This is why I am so angry about. We watched football for our fun and satisfaction not for get enemy and to make injury, that is the negative feedback from that match. 

The environment of Shah Alam Stadium ended with draw result

It's more difficult when there was a little fighting  between both team's fans. Some of them were fighting using metal rod and wood stick and some of the fans were criticized each others. I'm feeling so sad about this situation because there was to many accident that happened like serious injury. Come on guys, we are Malaysian and don't followed this overseas trend. Although police try to handled the situation, they cannot handled by their own-self because to many people are participate in the fight and the police can do is chased them out and again the fight is not finished there, they continued at outside the stadium.  At the outside, seemed more big fight are happened. I take an option to get out from that crowd ASAP.

So the fight was stopped by FRU and the situation began to calm. After 15 minutes the fighting has stopped, thanks to FRU and calmer. Credits to them. 

So after all has settled, Mat Yie and I went to next job. Eat! I was so hungry, so we go and eat at Seksyen 2 at near to Mat Yie college. After 12, we are get ready to go home. Thanks to Mat Yie that buy me. Next times I hope there will be another good games.

P/s: Strongly hope that after this there will no more another big incident and serious injury again. Support our teams and do not support riot. Hehehehe.. Thank you. Love peace.=)  

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