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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

1st post on 2012

As alam...

I don't know why for a long time I been keep silent with my own blog may be because of laziness and lots of another thing I do. May be la. So for this entry just wanna tell you guys, applause for me for returning on blogging hobby. Hahahaha. 

Well, starting for this 2012 many thing had happened  on me and around me. Going for vacations, wedding shooting, studio shooting, playing x-box 360+kinect (so cool man!!), upgrading myself and gadget (mine), and lots lots lots of thing cannot be done to describe here. 

Just now, my class has started on past Monday, so my next focus is studying and finished as soon as possible because cannot wait to get married (yawn!). Hahahahaha. Just kid man, cannot wait to get a great jobs and great life, saving money and want to send my parent for Haj. InsyAllah.

So don't know how to say, may be I said it it next entry okay.

Adios for now.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kayen Photography 2

As Salam...

Hai guys, just want to give you'll another link of my blog. So feel free to visit my second blog. Thanks for supporting me. May God blessed you'll and me. Amin.