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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fatigue Week for All


Today was a messy day for me. From morning until now is the most difficult things ever I get into. You know why? Because I had two test that is Biochemistry and Nutrition before that in the morning, I had a Viva Test. Than the following day we will come up also with another two test and another replacement class. Huh!! So tired  la. I can get an inch of space to breathe.

Wednesday was a pack's day for me and my classmate, plus I had a cough, cold, fever and so on. This all make me sick. Huhuhu.. Although it was a tough day,  I'm still holding on my side with patiently. Hehehehehe..  So if you get sick, go find doctor okay, don't just stay at home seeking for healing at home. Nonsense.